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Nursing Call System Services


Nurse Call Systems are used for emergency situations in hospitals. These systems include audio and visual confirmation of the emergency, as well as components used for monitoring patients. We have a large selection of Nurse Call Systems to suit your needs. Because of the number of assisted Care facilities, and the level of detailed requirement in designing the proper system, Fairfax Electronics believes that it is more advantageous to dressing your system needs by phone or in person.


Patients require a fast response. Staff need to communicate with each other quickly and effectively. To support these communication needs, ESC now offers AIPHON integrated health care communication systems. For over 25 years, AIPHON has been an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of emergency call and care management system for institutional environment.

  • Data Networking System
  • Telephone Central System
  • Access Control System
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Audio Visual System
  • Lightning Control System
  • Public Addressing System
  • Master Clock System
  • Master Antenna Television
  • Nursing Call System