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A master clock is a precision clock that provides timing signals to synchronize slave clocks as part of a clock network. Networks of electric clocks connected by wires to a precision master pendulum clock began to be used in institutions like factories, offices, and schools around 1900. Today many quartz clocks are synchronized by radio signals or internet connections to a worldwide time system called Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) which is governed by master atomic clocks in many countries.

In the days before the availability of such highly accurate reference time many master clocks were an accurate electrically maintained pendulum clock. Thousands of such clocks were installed, in schools, offices, railway networks, telephone exchanges and factories all over the world; they resembled a longcase clock, but had a very robust mechanism and a less ornate case. The clock timing signals, generated by electrical contacts attached to the mechanism, were minute, half minute and sometimes one second electrical pulses, fed to the controlled equipment on pairs of wires.

The devices driven could be wall clocks, tower clocks, factory sirens, school bells and occasionally clock chiming mechanisms. Some types, such as the Synchronome had optional extra mechanisms to compare the time of the clock with a standard received from the GPO installation at Rugby, which allowed small weights to be added or removed from the pendulum without interruption. Small weights could also be added or removed manually in the absence of this mechanism again without interruption.

The British Post Office (GPO) used such master clocks in their electromechanical telephone exchanges to generate the call timing pulses necessary to charge telephone subscribers for their calls, and to control sequences of events such as the forcible clearing of connections where the calling subscriber failed to hang up after the called subscriber had done so. The UK had three such manufacturers, all of whom made clocks to the same GPO specification and which used the Hipp Toggle impulse system; these were Gent and Co., of Leicester, Magneta Ltd of Leatherhead in Surrey, and Synchronome Ltd of Alperton, north-west London.

Master Clock Systems

Pyramids Master Clock System sends the correct time signals to all other clocks, keeping them accurate and synchronized. Any amount of clocks could be added within the master clock system. Optimize employee time, synchronize processes, maintain accurate time records, and promote efficient productivity in the workplace. Every system is easy to implement, simple to use, and able to synchronize time throughout any size facility.

High Precision Time Base for Process Control

Master Clock System is used for the provision of an accurate time string for other systems in the plant to synchronize their system timing. The source of accurate time for the Master Clock is provided by the Satellite. Generally the system are able to generate different form of time string like NTP, IRIG A, IRIG B, TTL etc so that it can fulfill the need of time synchronizing for all the other system.

Vector InfoTech is the premier supplier of High Precision GPS Master Time Synchronizing systems and solutions. Several state-of-the-art time and frequency systems are available for precision time and frequency synchronization applications. The system product line includes single and dual-redundant models. Product list includes plug-in cards GPS receivers for computers, Standalone GPS receivers, 19” Rack Mountable GPS Modular systems, Network Time Servers, Oscillators, Time and Frequency Systems and Displays.

Common Uses of Master Clock

Spectracom master clocks offer Legally Traceable Time to all time-keeping functions in any enterprise network. Over 4,000 NetClock master clocks are in use to record 9-1-1 events to improve response times and to settle legal disputes. Commercial enterprises can benefit from the same synchronized network operations for records accuracy, troubleshooting, security, and to enable time-sensitive applications to the  extremely high levels of accuracy.



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