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About Us

Electronic Signal Communications and Information Technology

Electronic Signal Communications and Information Technology is an emerging solution provider catering to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Market. Our mission statement is “to serve clients who commit to a standard yet re- train the freedom of choice”.

Founded in 1985, it has a combined manpower experience spanning over 23 years. Our solutions spectrum covers the following:

Computer Networking and Communications from

  • CISCO ,
  • HP ,
  • 3COM ,
  • Alcatel
  • and many others.

Communication Systems, These include

  • Meridian and Nortel,
  • Avaya (IP Telephony)and
  • Panasonic.

Public Address Systems (sound System), These include

  • RCF and
  • EGI.

Closed Circuit TV Systems (CCTV), These include

  • MC ,
  • Pilco,
  • and Panasonic.

Security Systems, These includes

  • Ademco,
  • MC .

Fire Alarm Systems, These including

  • Esser,
  • Hochiki,
  • Zeta,
  • Gent.

Master Antenna TV Systems 1000 channel “MATV” ,These include

  • Grounding ,
  • WISI and
  • Hirschman.

Nursing Call Systems, These include


Access Control Systems, These include

  • Honeywell,
  • PCSC and
  • DMI.

Plasma and home cinema Systems, These include

  • Panasonic.

Central Clock Systems, These include

  • National and
  • Bodet.

Door Phone Systems, These include

  • Nova and
Spare parts for all Communication system.
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